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Two Drabbles.. [12 Jun 2010|03:42pm]

[ mood | creative ]

I've got two yuri FFX drabbles :) I've originally posted them up on http://community.livejournal.com/ff_yuri_drabble/

Lulu/Rikku - PG

Yuna/Shiva - T

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Lessons Learned - Rikku/Paine - NC-17 [29 May 2010|06:14pm]

Title: Lessons Learned
Writer: Cy Fur
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy X2
Warnings: Sex with a minor, sex that may be viewed as dub-con.
Characters/Pairings: (Brief) Rikku/Wakka, Rikku/OFC, Rikku/OMC, Rikku/Paine
Summary: These are the things that Rikku has learned about romance type things.
Notes: I started this thing in July. Of '09. Well, better late than never!

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On Guardians and Insomnia - Lulu/Rikku/Yuna - R [22 Jul 2009|09:21am]

Not my best, but I figure y'all might like it.
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Gah, I totally forgot this comm existed... [11 Jun 2009|12:04pm]

...but after that pleasant reminder, I must put a link here to something I wrote last week for ff_yuri_drabble.

which, alas, is not HALF as yummy as that wonderful motorcycle piece, but it's something.

AWOL, a 300-word Elma/Lucil ficlet.
Rating: G. (Drat, gotta work on that, eh?)
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Motorcycle - NC-17, Rikku/Lulu [11 Jun 2009|09:40am]

Some silliness that I wrote. Enjoy.

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[22 Apr 2009|05:30pm]

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )
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Final Fantasy Femslash Challenge Community [24 Aug 2008|03:01pm]

Mods please delete this if it breaks the rules...but really it's been so dead around here I figured no one would mind.

ff_fem_fest Round #1 is now open!

To start everything off we have a prompts post HERE.

Go ahead and submit prompts! By submitting a prompt you are NOT committing yourself to writing any fic. So if you can't write fic, but have some ideas for others to write, please share them with us here! Of course if you *are* a writer we want your ideas, too. ;)

The prompts post will be open until September 5.

So join and submit lots of FFX prompts! We want to revive the interest in Final Fantasy femslash!
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[26 Oct 2006|10:42pm]

[ mood | excited ]

This place seems pretty dead, /but/..

I figured I'd give it a shot.

la_fantasy. A new Final Fantasy roleplaying community. We've already got Rikku and Yuna, and possibly a Lulu. And this it pertains to FFX yuri.

We'd love some new members, so please check it out~

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Greetings! [22 Jul 2006|03:57am]

Teensy little place, and it looks fairly dead, but anything that has a Lulu Bondage Kitten catches my attention.

I shall commence to natter, and give you some decent Lulu/Yuna fic, and one very smuttilicious Lulu/Rikku fic. (Note to FF_press: you have all of them already. Move along. ;) )

Confessions of a Lulu fanaticCollapse )
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New FFX Community [08 Jun 2006|01:42am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hi! I'm a totally new FFX fanfiction fan, and I was looking around for sites pertaining to FFX fanfiction. Being a fan of tons of pairings, I searched around and happily joined both this site and ffx_yaoi. I was sad to discover, however, that there were no communities for FFX het. So I made ffx_het. I made sure I could advertise here and the rules said I could, so I hope some of you want to join. Thanks much guys!

To not just be a shameless pimp...

I also made some FFX colorbars. One of them is LuluxRikku.
To the colorbars!

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yuri_challenge and het_challenge [15 Jan 2006|07:51pm]

[ mood | good ]

het_challenge and yuri_challenge are up and
running for the new year!

The mods have an important change to announce for the new rounds! We've decided that the request format of the 2005 yaoi_challenge rounds is totally the way to go: it's easier on the mods than trying to come up with requests for everyone, and it means that more people get to suggest things they really want to see. So the new rounds take requests!

The request posts for both communities are live:
Challenge request post

Challenge request post

Please stop by and contribute -- making requests doesn't obligate you to write/draw, and it might mean you get something you've been wanting for months.

More complete announcements for the new rounds are here:
Challenge announcement/rules

Challenge announcement/rules

X-posted everywhere, so I apologize if your f-list gets spammed. ^_^;

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yuri_challenge [03 May 2005|02:09am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hello everyone,

This is elsewherecw, fellow yuri fan and co-mod of Yuriville.net. I don't know how many of you were aware of it, but late last year a community called yaoi_challenge ran for a few months, producing one yaoi fic per day according to the challenge. It was really successful and incredibly fun...so fun that I decided I wanted to do a yuri version. ;P So, with the permission of the mod of yaoi_challenge to copy his/her idea, I give you:


If you write fanfiction and you like to write shoujo-ai or yuri, please hop over to the community and take a look! I'm looking to get as many participants as possible. Further explanation of how it works and the rules are on the userinfo page. :) Also, feel free to spread the news wherever yuri is welcome, and of course with moderator permission. ^_^

X-posted to yuri and ffx_yuri.

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FFX yaoi doujinshi [01 Mar 2005|04:42am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Heres a wonderful rariety for you all:

FinalFantasyX yaoi: Tidus x Auron doujinshi

Selling on ebay! :D Lovely, kissy.. I think it's also pre-FFX storyline!

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New website: Yuriville.net [05 Feb 2005|03:24pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Hello all yuri fans! ^_^

LN Tora, the creator of Yaoiville.net, and I are working on a project together: Yuriville.net. ^_^ It’s a self-uploading archive in the style of Yaoiville.net---the same general idea as FF.net, but with a narrower focus and less restrictions ;P---and we’re looking for submissions! All yuri/shoujo-ai/femmeslash stories based on Japanese anime/manga/video game fandoms, as well as original works, are welcomed with open arms. We’d like the archive to get off to a good start, so please, if you have some yuri to submit, head over to http://www.yuriville.net and let’s get the ball rolling! ^^

Hope to see you there! ^_^


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Lu x Yuna piccer [06 Sep 2004|12:53pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Randomly posting a link to a Lu x Yuna pic a friend drew for me :3

Not work safe

No skivvys

The pics are posted at ff_art which is brand spank'n new! :D

>:O Come on peeps! Post! Keep this comm alive! FFX is so -- yuri worthy. Is there no one who has fics, pics, drabbles to post?

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Finally some decent fanart [01 Aug 2004|10:03pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Bondage kitten Lu - because Lulu deserves to be in KingdomHearts.

OpenCanvas fun time.

I need to draw more fanarts of Lu... Lu and Yuna *sagely nodd*

and also:

The girls (its all about Lu's cleavage)

Teh picture is posted on Deviantart.. non members cannot post comments but you can make yer hey say here ;3 and please do.

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Random pic [30 Jul 2004|02:30pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

A random pic I found whilst searching around for good pics to make FFX_yuri's icon:

A little Rikku x Yuna closeness

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Find the fic: its kinda like a lesbian version of find Waldo [30 Jul 2004|09:35am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Now I must subtly ask the crowd:

Does anyone know of any good Lulu x (Yuna or Rikku) fics?

I must have teh bondage kitten to appease me on this boring college Friday.

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Welcome [26 Jul 2004|08:54am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Welcome everyone to FFX Yuri

Lulu the bondage kitten commanded me to make a yuri community dedicated to her molesting Yuna and or Rikku. *Blink- shiftyeyes* I mean- dedicated to the very yuri-licious series that is FFX.

Scouring lj I couldn't believe there wasn't a FFX yuri community already. FFX yaoi but alas- no yuri.
So to rectify this sacrilidge - thus here it exists!

Please share in pics, fics and all else.

When ya join- tell us a bit about yerself and give an offering of url and or images of the FFX yuri goodness ^^

And now I share my favourite image of Lu. (Wish I could find a bette quality image of it T-T)

(Work safe-- as its an official game image)

A protective Lulu and a ground sprawled Yuna

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